About BRCK Foundation

Everyone should have the ability to take advantage of the global digital economy. We want to level the playing field for those who can’t pay for it.

Around 800 million people in Africa don’t have access to the internet. BRCK wants to change that by connecting people and things; getting individuals and businesses online and helping them fully utilize that access. Whether it’s giving your business the opportunity to advertise or collect data, offering free WiFi and content to entertain you on a long bus ride, or providing a platform where you can share your content with a wide audience, BRCK creates solutions to Africa’s connectivity challenges.

Our team of creative and hardworking innovators build the tools for connectivity that we need ourselves. We live in Nairobi, so there’s no reason we should use devices designed in London and San Francisco. If products aren’t conceptualized and created here, they won’t fit our infrastructure needs, where electricity and internet connections can be problematic in both urban and rural areas.

BRCK is unique in this region. We are on the cutting edge of the connectivity needs in frontier markets and are the only company in East Africa that has a full stack of engineering, including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, full-stack cloud engineers, and firmware and OS software teams. We also have in-house design, user experience, and product management teams to ensure our products and services actually meet the needs of our end users.


We exist to provide the marginalized with digital tools to fight poverty and remove digital barriers that prevent them
from maximizing their potential.

Our History

Throughout our history, connectivity has always been at the heart of what we create, which is why we offer our primary service, Moja Wifi. It provides free access to the internet and a platform for sharing content. Over the years, we have created a series of products, each building on the technology of our previous accomplishments, and all with the same mission.

We began with the original BRCK v1, which provided consistent access to the internet even in remote areas. We followed this with the Kio Kit for education, which can make any classroom into a digital classroom, impacting thousands of children in 55 locations across 11 countries. The SupaBRCK built on the capacity of the BRCK v1 for enterprise connectivity, compute, and storage. The PicoBRCK was created for rugged IoT needs, which can be used in a variety of ways, including in agriculture, transportation, or water management.

Each of our products have always worked towards affordably connecting more people to the internet, and we are committed to continuing that journey.

Meet The Team

Passion, empathy and competence are the hallmarks of our team. These are the faces behind the vision and drive of BRCK Foundation.